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You deserve to look and feel your absolute best. With customized hormone optimization therapy, you can restore your vitality and experience that youthful pep in your step!



I’m a women’s health expert with a practice in bio-identical hormones, holistic health, and proactive aging medicine.

My approach is holistic, and my treatments are all natural. I use a combination of bio-identical hormones, nutritional supplements, and nutritional/lifestyle suggestions to help heal the root cause of your symptoms, restore your hormone balance, and optimize your health.

I invite you to explore the services and therapies available and reach out for your customized consultation. Let's restore your lust for life and help you look and feel your absolute best.


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Hormone Optimization Therapy

If you're feeling less than your ideal self, sluggish, struggling with energy, or weight management, your hormones could be the cause. We can help you start feeling like your best…

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Wellness Video Courses

Explore our additional resources on hormone optimization, healthy aging, and the spiritual side of medicine? We have videos and courses to help you gain clarity and confidence in your health.

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I've been a patient of Dr Flamer's for over 2 years now and I'm amazed with my results. She is helping me overcome reoccurring issues. She is honest, friendly and generally cares for your well being. These days it's hard to find those qualities in a doctor!!
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Dr Cara Flamer is a caring, kind, and loving person, knowledgeable and helpful.
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I found Dr. Cara Flamer through a google internet search for hormone doctors in Toronto.I knew that BHRT would be a good option for me and after a zoom call and full hormone testing - Dr. Flamer had my prescription delivered to me quickly. She is a wonderful doctor and cares about her patients!
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I started seeing Dr. Flamer this year and she's been great. I'm happy with her manner and the care she's given me. I spent a lot of time evaluating hormone specialists before I settled on her and I'm so glad that I did! She's so knowledgeable and easy to talk to and everything I could ask for in a doctor.

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The Power of Hope

As a physician, I frequently meet people who have suffered from devastating health challenges. Whether its chronic pain, cancer, fibromyalgia

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