Dr. Cara Flamer – BioIdentical Hormone Therapy

Dr. Cara Flamer | Bioidentical Hormones

“How To Get Younger As Your Get Older"

Drawing from her knowledge of Kabbalah, and her certifications in ThetaHealing, the Emotion Code and PSYCH-K, Dr. Flamer Shares a four step formula to creating inner transformation that will change your health and your life for the better.


Women’s health expert Dr. Cara Flamer is passionate about helping midlife women live the life they deserve and feel their best.

Last Updated 9/2021 Language: English

  • Do you want to be as proactive as you can, when it comes to health, aging, and life in general?
  • Do you have fears around aging? Does the thought of aging awaken anxiety, fear of lack of control or other emotional reaction?
  • Are you are intrigued by the idea of getting younger as you get older? Perhaps wondering “what could that possibly even mean?”
  • Are you ready to step up and take more responsibility as a Creator in your life- if only you knew how to do this and what it means for you?
  • Are you curious about how your thoughts and beliefs directly affect your health?
  • Do you want to learn strategies that you can use to optimize your health from the deepest level possible- your own consciousness?
  • Are you ready to jump outside the box of conventional thinking and enter into a WHOLE new territory of thinking- where anything and everything is possible?


If you’ve answered "yes" to any of these things recently and
are approaching menopause - then this course is for you!

Some Core Teachings Included In This Course:

  • Beliefs, thoughts, feelings and their role in health and disease
  • How you can identify and transform limiting beliefs, and how this can radically change your health for the better
  • The relationship between energy, quantum physics and disease
  • Why letting go of judgment is so important
  • How you can “clean things up “ on the inside through inner personal work and transform your life for the better
  • How to “change” others when you know you can’t really change others- a loophole!
  • How to rid yourself of chronic struggles and create a more joyful and smoother life
  • How to “quantum jump” into another version of your life where you are healthier, happier and empowered
  • This and so much more!


Duration: 1h, 10 mins


By registering for this course, you understand that no physician-patient relationship is created with Dr. Flamer. This course, while educational in nature, is not a substitute for obtaining your own medical advice from your own personal health care provider. Some of the concepts discussed in this course are considered to be “complementary” or “alternative” in nature, and may not be supported by the majority of physicians or a majority of the scientific community. Dr. Flamer does not accept liability for any issues that may occur arising out of the information provided in this course material.