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Spiritual Medicine: A new paradigm to address health

Holistic health, and to be healthy in a wholesome and complete way, requires that we not only address our health from a physical medicine point of view (conventional or integrative) but from an energetic and spiritual perspective. My belief is that we are “spiritual beings in a physical body”, and in order to truly be happy and healthy we must address this energetic/invisible side of ourselves that affects us every moment of the day.

We have been taught to focus on the physical mechanisms of illness and disease. So much emphasis is placed on managing physical symptoms, while not much attention is given to the emotional/spiritual/energetic factors relating to disease. When we address these energetic causal factors, we can help create a better environment for our body, one more conducive to healing.

We are made of molecules and atoms which are constantly in a state of flux. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves and exist in balance. We have so many mechanisms in place to help us restore balance even when faced with trauma/exposure/diseases. I often ask, what is it that allowed this disease to manifest? What unseen spiritual/emotional factors are contributing to allow it to persist? And what can be done to support the body to recover from this?

Science now tells us that our beliefs and our thoughts control gene expression and protein production. We have scientific evidence that states that our cellular health is affected by what we think and believe. Modern medicine has not fully taken advantage of this fact- in fact modern medicine continues to reinforce the belief that chronic disease is permanent. To truly treat an existing symptom or disease, it makes sense to address not only the physical component of it but the emotional, energetic and spiritual factors that have contributed to it its development and maintenance as well. If we can remove energetic emotional blockages that keep the cells locked in a state of disease, then we free up more energy for the body to use to heal and rebalance itself.

I believe in the body’s innate wisdom, I believe that if we did the work of creating internal changes in our thoughts and beliefs, we create a new environment for our cells and organs to exist in. And this new environment can be one that promotes health and longevity.

It is my wish and desire that more and more of us awaken to our own innate power, and that we have the courage to take this level of personal responsibility for our lives. It is truly an exciting and empowering way to live!

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