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When your health hits a stand-still

Have you been suffering with symptoms (whatever they may be) for a long time, and nothing you tried has helped? Have you worked with multiple health care practitioners (conventional and holistic) and tried many different treatments, yet you are still suffering and nothing has really changed?

This can be a very frustrating position to be in. You may feel failed by the medical system for not being able to help you. You may feel hopeless, since you’ve tried so many things and nothing has helped. You may feel desperate to continue looking for the next test/treatment/practitioner who may be able to finally help you feel better.

For some people, symptoms may present but they are easy to identify, diagnose and treat. Most of the time this is the case in integrative medicine. In other cases, health and balance may not come so easily.

I sometimes encounter cases of this nature and it presents a challenge to me, as a clinician. You don’t want to make the patient spend excess amounts of money on uninsured testing, hoping if you dig deep enough you will find the problem. But on the other hand, if you don’t find anything wrong, how can you treat the issue? What really IS the issue, in this case? What I do know, is that in medicine we do not have it all figured out. If someone doesn’t feel well and the tests show everything if fine, it just means we haven’t found the cause.

I have an idea for what you can do if you find yourself in this situation. My idea stems from a concept I once learned in a Kabbalah class. The teaching basically is this (my paraphrasing): If you can’t find what you are looking for, you are not looking in the right place. Now let me explain, because the lesson is not as it may seem at first glance.

We as humans tend to look for an answer to an issue in the same area as the issue. ie, if the lack is in health-we look in the category of “health” – ie see a doctor- to find an answer. What we typically DON’T do, is look for an answer in the category of, say, “relationship” (examining the relationship in our lives) or “finances” (examining your relationship with money). We tend to think categorically, linearly and logically. Some of us obsess about these issues, but never straying from the category in our search for the answer.

From a spiritual perspective, we all would benefit from seeing our lives and issues from a bigger, broader perspective. If someone’s lack is in health, it could be that there is a blockage in their life in another area that is manifesting for them as a health problem. This is a concept that isn’t exactly the traditional route for how we see things medically, but it is a spiritual approach. At the end of the day, everything is energy. If a blockage energetically exists in one area of your life, it can affect another area- they are related by energy.

Following this line of thinking, to find a solution for a problem with your health, you need to examine other areas of your life. If you identify and address/resolve a blockage you were having in say a relationship in your life, this may “free things up” energetically and allow energy to flow into your area of health. What this could mean is that you may now attract a doctor into your life who has a new idea for how to approach your symptoms, who can offer a treatment that works. Or you may find you actually start to feel better even though nothing new was done.

We can’t underestimate the importance of how everything is interconnected and although it isn’t always obvious to us , everything is energy and affects everything else. Nothing operates in isolation, including our own health.

My suggestion to anyone suffering from a chronic symptom or illness is that you begin to examine other areas of your life. Are you satisfied with your relationships? Are you satisfied with your relationship with yourself? Do you have any behaviours you are doing that you think you shouldn’t be doing but you didn’t feel motivated enough to change? Are you putting off taking care of certain issues in your life because of fear or anxiety? When we have these lingering blockages in our life, they are actually the key to help us in other areas. Ignoring them does not make them “go away”, it just feeds the chaos in our life.

The good news is that there are many wonderful paths that can be pursued to help address these things. For example, working with a life coach, counsellor or therapist may be helpful. Taking a class in some form of spirtuality can be helpful. Taking meditation classes or going of hypnotherapy. There are many modalities available you specifically in the way you need. You are worth the effort of self-reflection and personal transformation!!

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