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Why I became a ThetaHealing practitioner

After reading my previous blog, you already know something about me- that I am passionate about healing at the deepest level. I am a big believer that what we think and believe creates our reality. So in my opinion, true healing comes from within- when we recognize the unseen forces inside of ourself that are running the show-and our thoughts, beliefs and deepest desires.

Many of us aren’t aware of what our deepest thoughts and beliefs are. If we are in tune enough with ourselves, we may realize that something is awry when we get reactive. For example, when a friend of mine says something that triggers me to feel disrespected- I become aware that I have a belief that I must be respected by others. Or when my father disapproves of an idea of I have- I become aware that I have a belief that I must have my father’s approval. I think many of us share similar beliefs- many of us seek approval of others, we want to be liked, we want to be accepted, and these desires form our beliefs about ourself and our world. The rule in our inner world becomes “I need so-and-so’s approval in order for this to work”, or “I need to be respected otherwise I’m not ok!” or “I need to be successful in order to be loved”. You get the point? We become emotionally upset when our beliefs are not met, because we have created this “structure” in our inner world and if it is disturbed in any way, we become reactive. We seek to “fix” things and restore order.

I decided to work on my subconscious beliefs because I heard that there was a way to change them. I just “had a feeling” that I had some negative beliefs that were holding me back and they were really getting on my nerves! I was ecstatic when I heard about energy medicine modalities that could help me with this. I have years years now working with various techniques to help me identify and transform my negative and self-sabotaging beliefs.

I came across Thetahealing about 15 years ago. I barely remember the context but I remember hearing the phrase and feeling a resonance with it. I didn’t pursue it though, at the time, which retrospectively I think was because I wasn’t ready for such deep healing. I heard about it again in recent years and it felt like the time was right. So I began working with a theta healing practitioner one-on-one.

My sessions were mind-blowing. Thetahealing is a very deep healing technique (see www.thetahealing.com- for a detailed description!) The practitioner goes into a theta brain wave state which is a deep state of meditation. From their, they ask you questions and with the combination of their intuition, your opening to look inside, and the Universal Energy that exists and unifies everything, they are able to identify deep beliefs and transform them. Within seconds, beliefs can be pulled and replaced (energetically speaking). After a session, I would often feel lighter, freed from some invisible baggage that had been weighing me down. I would feel able to tackle a goal that previously I had felt was miles away from my reach. It was literally as if the obstacles I had felt were in my way had been removed.

I became a practitioner because I wanted to be skilled enough to be able to work on myself on a daily basis. I didn’t think about using it in the context of medicine at first- I knew I needed to begin my journey of healing myself first before I could even think about using this technique on others. Over time as I peeled way at my own layers, I felt the time was right to begin incorporating it in medicine. In fact, I had an epiphany- Thetahealing could play an enormous role in medicine! I discovered that a neurologist in Japan was using it in the hospital as part of the patient’s treatment plan. I began to see how medicine could be completely transformed if we incorporated addressing of people’s belief systems and working on the spiritual and emotional factors affecting people’s health.

I currently use Thetahealing in my patient encounters when it feels appropriate to the situation. I use my intuition to determine the moments that I choose to bring it in to the office appointment; it takes time and I respect that it is a process unto itself, not to be squeezed into a 30 minute follow up visit. I often recommend for my patients to work with a Thetahealing practitioner on certain the issues we identify during the appointment. Regardless of how formally I am using the technique during the appointment, I make it a priority for me to be in a Theta state so I can receive divine guidance during the visit, which allows me to be more effective at helping determine the cause and appropriate treatment for my patients. I think by being open in this way, I am able to better serve my patients and allow the Universal Light to enter into the appointment and help facilitate whatever healing is needed.

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